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Victoria Station Luggage Storage Guide 2024

Luggage storage in Victoria Station

With exceptional public transit links to other areas of London and the rest of the UK, Victoria Station is the gateway to London for millions of visitors every year. Not only does Victoria Station house intercity rail links and a major station of the London Underground, but nearby Victoria Coach Station provides long-distance and local bus service, making this part of London a true transportation hub.


The last thing you want to do as you explore London is to carry heavy bags around. There's way too much to do by Victoria Station to be weighed down, and many of the top attractions won't allow you inside with big bags. That's why luggage storage facilities are so useful. There are plenty of places to store luggage near Victoria Station, so track one down and make the most of your London trip.


Where can I find luggage storage in Victoria Station?


If you need luggage storage, Victoria Station offers it near platform eight. Excess Baggage Company is the luggage storage services that operates within Victoria Station. It costs £7.50 to store luggage here for three hours and £15 to store a bag for 24 hours inside Victoria Station. However, there are alternative luggage storage services around the station that are convenient and affordable.


How does a luggage storage services work?


Luggage storage services partner with local business to provide secure luggage storage facilities. For a small fee you can store luggage, gym bags, shopping bags and more at these storage facilities. Luggage storage is the perfect solution for travelers waiting to check into their AirBnB or for business travelers who need to drop off their belongings before heading to the office. In the UK a common phrase for luggage storage is left luggage, so if you see this on a sign know you are close to a left luggage storage facility.

What is the difference between luggage lockers and a luggage storage service?



Victoria Station's left luggage facilities are no longer the old-style self-service station lockers but are instead operated by a luggage storage service. Excess Baggage operates the left luggage storage facility in London's Victoria Station.

The advantage of a luggage storage service over a locker is that they can usually store larger bags and for longer. In addition, they offer more affordable rates than a coin-operated luggage locker.

What Is The Best Victoria Station Luggage Storage Service?


We recommend Bounce, and here's why:

  • Bounce has dozens of different storage partners in the form of small businesses near Victoria Station, as well as even more across London.

  • Every booking can be made through their website or App, so you don't have to wait in long lines or worry about currency exchange. Plus, booking online only takes a couple of minutes and reservations can be made just minutes before the service is needed.

  • Bounce values safety and to give you peace of mind they include a $10,000 BounceShield™ protection with every item you store through their platform.​

What's the Best Victoria Station Luggage Storage App?


London has witnessed a remarkable rise in the emergence of luggage storage apps in recent years. These apps provide a convenient means to locate nearby luggage storage facilities, including those near London. They have transformed the way travelers manage their baggage, making it a seamless experience.

Opting to store your luggage with local businesses that collaborate with luggage storage platforms not only ensures the security you need but also supports the livelihood of these local establishments. It's a win-win situation for travelers and the community.



How much does Bounce’s Victoria Station luggage storage cost?


Bounce luggage storage locations charge only £5 per item for 24 hours of storage. In addition they don't charge an additional fee for larger items. Making Bounce's Victoria station left luggage storage facilities the perfect option if you're looking to store multiple belongings.


How can I book Victoria Station luggage storage with Bounce?


To find luggage storage facilities with Bounce we recommend downloading their App which is available in both the App Store and Google Play Store.

What are the other luggage storage options in Victoria Station?


Alternative luggage storage service near Victoria Station


Here are some other local luggage storage companies near Victoria Station:

  1. Luggage Minder: They offer a luggage storage service at £2 per hour with a maximum of £10 per day.

  2. City Luggage Storage: City Luggage Storage offers a left luggage service starting at £6 per day.


While there are other options for luggage storage near Victoria Station, Bounce is the most convenient and affordable choice. With prices starting at only £5 per day, you can't go wrong with choosing Bounce. Plus, all of their locations are vetted and insured, so you can rest assured that your belongings are in good hands.

Hotel luggage storage/Airbnb luggage storage


If you're staying at a hotel, you can usually store your luggage with the concierge. Many hotels will hold onto your bags for free, but some may charge a small fee. There is often a separate locked room dedicated to bag storage. Check ahead, though, because not every hotel provides this service.

If you're staying in an Airbnb, there may not be anyone to leave your bags with. In this case, it's best to use a luggage storage service like Bounce.

Useful Information about Victoria Station


Victoria Station is a busy transport hub located in the heart of London. The station is served by the Victoria line, Circle line, District line, and Mainline rail services. It's also just a short walk from some of London's most popular attractions, including Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, and Big Ben.


Victoria Station is also home to a number of facilities and amenities, including:

  • Left luggage storage

  • Bike storage

  • ATMs

  • Restaurants and cafes

  • Shops


People love visiting Victoria Station because it's such a convenient way to get around London. Whether you're looking to catch a train out of the city or explore some of London's most popular tourist attractions, Victoria Station is the perfect starting point.

Best restaurants near Victoria Station


If you're looking for a quick bite to eat near Victoria Station, there are plenty of options to choose from. For a sit-down meal, head to one of the station's restaurants, such as Caffe Nero or Pret a Manger. If you're in a hurry, grab something from a fast food place like McDonald's or KFC. And if you need a caffeine fix, stop by Costa Coffee or Starbucks. No matter what you're craving, you'll find it near Victoria Station.

This is also an area of London that is rich in restaurants, so you have some time after storing luggage in Victoria Station, try out some of these spots:

  • Busaba Eathai: This popular Thai restaurant has a location just a short walk from Victoria Station.

  • Burger and Lobster: This is the spot for you if you're craving a burger or lobster (as the name suggests).

  • The Ivy Victoria: This chic restaurant serves modern British cuisine.​

How do I get to Victoria Station?


Victoria Station is located in central London, making it easy to get to by a variety of means of transportation.

By Train:

Victoria Station is served by the Victoria line, Circle line, District line, and Mainline rail services.

By Tube:

The closest tube station to Victoria Station is Victoria Tube Station, which is served by the Victoria line.

By Bus:

A number of bus routes stop near Victoria Station, including the 11, 24, 148, and C2.

By Taxi:

Taxis can drop passengers off at any of the entrances to Victoria Station.

By Car:

There is no dedicated parking facility at Victoria Station, but there are several public car parks nearby.

How early should I arrive at Victoria Station?


Victoria Station is a busy transport hub, so it's best to arrive early to ensure that you have plenty of time to catch your train or bus. The station opens at 5:00 am, so if you're catching an early morning train, you'll need to be there at least 45 minutes beforehand. For other trains and buses, arriving at least 30 minutes before your scheduled departure is generally recommended.

Can I store my bags inside Victoria Station?


Yes, there is a left luggage storage facility at Victoria Station. The service is operated by Excess Baggage Company and is located in the main concourse of the station. Prices start at £7.50 per item for 3 hours.

If you're looking for a more convenient option, consider using a luggage storage app like Bounce. With Bounce, you can store your bags nearby for just £5 per day. Plus, you can easily find and book a storage spot online or via the app.


Can you rent a locker at Victoria Station?


Yes, there are lockers available for rent at Victoria Station. The service is operated by Excess Baggage Company and is located in the main concourse of the station. Prices start at £15 per day.

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