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Oxford street luggage storage 2024

Luggage storage in Oxford street

London is one of the world's fashion capitals, with every international designer brand and retail company opening for a piece of Lindon’s legendary real estate. While there is excellent shopping to be had all throughout London, Oxford Street is the epicenter of high-end retail. With over a mile and a half of superb shopping, and over a hundred flagship retail locations, Oxford Street has an embarrassment of riches. 

With all that shopping to do on Oxford Street (not to mention nearby Soho and Covent Garden), you won’t want to be stuck lugging your bags in and out of stores. That’s why luggage storage near Oxford Street is imperative for making the most of your time in the area. 

Here’s our guide for where to store bags while you’re on an Oxford Street shopping spree:

Where can I find luggage storage near Oxford Street? 


Because it’s a major shopping street rather than a mall, there is no official luggage storage Oxford Street can provide. However, left luggage storage services like Bounce have a presence in the area. 

The closest spots are Bounce’s location on Oxford Street, including the 24/7 location at Oxford Circus and SOHO Square Gardens. Darbly Street, Tottenham Court, SOHO Square, and Great Russell Street are all convenient as well, especially if you’re heading to nearby attractions at Piccadilly or Covent Garden

How Does Luggage Storage Work? 


Transit facilities, entertainment venues, museums, and other locations will offer customers and travelers a space to store luggage and other belongings for a short time. Traditionally, these have come in the form of a storage locker accessed via a key or code. Still, it’s become less common in London as there are public safety concerns and more convenient and flexible options have become available, namely luggage storage services.

What is the difference between luggage lockers and a luggage storage service?


With lockers, there is a set place and time when customers can store bags. Generally, they will have to pick up a key or code from a storage desk during opening hours and retrieve their bags from the lockers before the facility closes. With a service there is a dedicated luggage storage company that specializes in this. The most popular option now is arranging bag storage with a website or mobile app that partners with a network of businesses throughout the city. 


What Is The Best Oxford Street Luggage Storage App?


When you need a luggage storage app for London's Oxford Street, look no further than Bounce. The Bounce app is always easy to use and allows you to instantly book luggage storage at any of their locations. The app will also direct you to the exact place to drop everything off using accurate and clear maps. Aside from the excellent customer service you'll get, here are a few more reasons why Bounce should be your top choice:

  • With half a dozen locations on (or surrounding) Oxford Street’s main stretch, Bounce is the most convenient mobile app (or website, if you’re planning ahead) to book luggage storage. They are also the largest luggage storage network of hundreds of other locations throughout London that can make your trip easy and stress-free!

  • The service also comes with a $10,000 guarantee, so you're covered if anything gets lost or stolen in Bounce's care.

  • It's a breeze to find a location and book on your phone.








Where can I find the nearest Oxford Street and Oxford Circus luggage storage locations?


Using the Bounce luggage storage App or website makes it easy to find the nearest location to where you’re shopping on Oxford Street.






How Much Does Bounce’s luggage Storage in Oxford Street cost? 


The Bounce luggage storage facility near Oxford Street costs between £5.00 for a 24-hour rental per bag.


What are the other luggage storage options near Oxford Street?


There are no luggage storage companies located on Oxford Street or in the surrounding neighborhood. Stores rarely offer luggage lockers, and that wouldn’t be very convenient in any case. This makes a luggage storage service like Bounce the best option when you're doing your shopping. Plus, with Bounce's generous insurance, affordability, and convenient locations, you don't need to look anywhere else!


Hotel and Airbnb Luggage Storage Locations near Oxford Street


SOHO, Covent Garden, and other areas surrounding Oxford Street are loaded with upscale hotels that will offer complimentary bag storage before check-in and after checkout. Double-check with the hotel concierge to make sure, though.


This can be a great way to store luggage for free for a few hours, but if this service isn't provided by your hotel or Airbnb, you can always turn to Bounce!


Useful Information About Oxford Street


There are hundreds of stores, restaurants, cafés, and more on Oxford Street, so it’s best to dedicate at least a few hours to exploring this iconic neighborhood. If you’re short on time, it’s best to plan ahead to hit the stores you want! Arriving early will also help you avoid crowds.

The street is alive with color, energy, and atmosphere. Whether you're window shopping or looking for the perfect item to take home, you are sure to find it on Oxford Street. Aside from the famous shops, there are plenty of other places to visit, including pubs and restaurants, theatres, cinemas, the world-famous Madame Tussauds, and Planet Hollywood, plus much more!

Oxford Street also plays host to many different events throughout the year. These range from cultural festivals to seasonal activities and markets, making it the perfect place for a day out with family and friends.


Where Can I Find Restaurants Near Oxford Street?


Oxford Street is lined with every type of restaurant imaginable, so grabbing a quick bite for lunch, indulging in a romantic dinner, or grabbing a few drinks are all great ways to cap off a successful Oxford Street shopping spree. 


For a nice sandwich or salad, Paul Rothe & Son is the best place for lunch. There is plenty of space, and it’s relatively quick (without being fast food). Head to the Honest Burgers near Oxford Circus Station for something more substantial. For a sweet treat, Gelupo Cafe serves the best gelato in London. 


Top Activities Near Oxford Street


While shopping on Oxford Street is fun, you can’t do it all day! Once your retail therapy is successfully accomplished, explore the neighborhood’s entertainment offerings. The SOHO Theatre on Dean Street has comedy shows every night. The Prince Charles Cinema also shows classic movies on weekends and today’s blockbusters. They do special showings for holidays as well. 


How Do I Get to Oxford Street? 


Oxford Street is one of the main stretches of London’s West End. Being centrally located, it’s rather easy to get there from the rest of London via the Underground. A main London underground station like Oxford Circus underground station is located along the Central and Bakerloo Lines is your best bet. And the main stretch of shops is nearby Oxford Circus stations. Bond Street and Tottenham Court Road off the Victoria Lines are your other best options. 


Can I Store My Bags Inside Oxford Street? 


Because Oxford Street is a neighborhood rather than a transit facility or landmark, there is no set place to leave your bags. But there are lots of luggage storage services, like Bounce, in the area that you can use.


Can You Rent a Locker at Oxford Street? 


There aren’t any locker rental services on Oxford Street or even at Oxford Circus Station, making an App like Bounce your best option. 


Shopping is a huge part of any trip to London, and you can’t get that experience without visiting the gorgeous and iconic Oxford Street. So make the most of your time there by storing luggage with Bounce!

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