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Piccadilly Circus Luggage Storage 2024

Lugagge storage in Piccadilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus might not be as ubiquitous as Buckingham Palace or London Bridge, but it’s right up there when you think about the British capital and largest city. It’s one of the most iconic tourist destinations in the city and most accurately will be compared to New York City's Times Square when you look at “must-see” activities for your trip to London.

Piccadilly Circus is centrally located in West End and is most famous for its iconic advertising board and the Statue of Eros. It’s a bustling part of town and one of the essential destinations for first-time visitors to London. It’s also easy to get to from just about everywhere in central London, so stopping by is a must! 

There will be crowds, and there will be a bunch of activities and shops to stop by during your visit. You won’t want to be lugging heavy bags around this bustling district. Lockers or storage locations, or “left luggage facilities,” as the Brits call them, are convenient for dropping your bags off before heading out to explore. There are a few options for luggage storage near Piccadilly Circus. Here’s our guide: 

Where can I find luggage storage near Piccadilly Circus? 


While there aren’t any lockers or luggage storage services at the Piccadilly Circus Train Station, a few options exist for dropping your bags around this iconic landmark. Using a luggage service is the best way to find a place to drop your bags off for an afternoon or even a few days. 

How Does Luggage Storage Work? 


Luggage storage is when you store your bags for a set period of time during your trip, with an agreed-upon fee and with a person to watch over them. It’s fairly simple. There are a few ways to go about dropping off your left luggage when traveling. Sometimes, there are lockers at train or bus stations. Leaving bags with a hotel or rental is another option. These don’t always work, especially in the case of visiting the Piccadilly Circus area. One of the best and newest options is using a mobile app or website to find a convenient location for left luggage storage. These services partner with local businesses for storing bags and have listings via the web, so it’s easy to find them! 

What is the difference between luggage lockers and a luggage storage service?


With a storage locker, there is a set place for you to drop your bag, usually at a train station or other metro facility. With a luggage storage service, your bags are safely stored at a location that is being watched over and attended to by a professional. Many of these storage services are partnered with local businesses, where the staff will be there to watch over the bags for normal business hours. 

What Is The Best Piccadilly Circus Luggage Storage App?


While a few apps offer options for storing luggage near Piccadilly Circus, Bounce is the most highly recommended. For one, the Bounce luggage storage network is one of the largest. The app itself will show you exactly where to store your bags with a helpful map. You can also easily browse all the available locations closest to your chosen area. Here are a few more reasons why you should choose Bounce:

  • There are locations throughout London, and in the case of Piccadilly Circus, there are over a dozen storage facilities near this famous landmark. So no matter which way you are traveling, there will be a convenient place to stop by during opening hours to drop the bags off before exploring the area!

  • Bounce also comes with a $10,000 guarantee, so you know you’re covered! 

  • The app is easy to use and lets you book luggage storage well in advance

How much does Bounce’s Piccadilly Circus luggage storage cost?

The Bounce luggage storage locations near Piccadilly circus cost £5.00 for a 24-hour rental per bag.


How can I book Piccadilly Circus luggage storage with Bounce?









What are the Other Options for Storing Luggage near Piccadilly Circus Station?


Unfortunately, most of the original luggage storage companies have gone by the wayside in London and have been replaced with online or mobile booking options. So there is not a dedicated business for merely storing left luggage near Piccadilly Circus. Luckily, the more convenient options have partnered with small businesses in the Piccadilly Circus area to provide plenty of options. 

Bounce makes a point of partnering with local businesses throughout cities like London. You can find Bounce locations in restaurants, convenience stores, local hotels, shopping retailers, and more. The best way to find these locations when you’re on the go is the Bounce mobile app, but you can plan ahead and book online if you know you’ll be in a specific place at a particular time. It’s easy! 

Hotel and Airbnb Luggage Storage near Piccadilly Circus 


A tried and true option for storing bags is leaving them with your hotel or Airbnb. However, this isn’t always convenient for when you’re looking to get around a city before flying out or right after you land and want to explore. Luckily, using a service with locations all over a city, as well as a customer support team like Bounce, can solve this problem. 

Useful Information About Piccadilly Circus


The main intersection is located at Piccadilly, Regent Street, Shaftesbury Avenue, The Haymarket, Coventry Street (at Leicester Square), and Glasshouse Street. That’s a lot of major thoroughfares! Which explains why the area is so bustling. It’s an easy meeting place from just about everywhere in London. 

You'll find everything from theatres to restaurants to museums within the district. Spending a whole day in this exciting London neighborhood is truly easy.

Where Can I Find Restaurants Near Piccadilly Circus?


While most dining options are fast-food and chain restaurants, there are a few fine-dining options near Piccadilly Circus. Kerridge’s Bar & Grill at the Corinthia Hotel is one of the best restaurants in London and a great place to stop for traditional English food. Aquavit St. James is perfect for upscale modern dining and is also one of the fanciest bars in town. 

Top Activities Near Piccadilly Circus 


The best thing to do at Piccadilly Circus has to be simply walking around and enjoying the scenery. The iconic signs, the Statue of Eros, and the people watching are all incredible. It’s famous for a reason. There is incredible shopping, luxury designer brands, and familiar international stores located throughout the main intersection and neighborhood. While opening hours for these stores vary, the iconic lights at the main intersection are on 24 hours a day, so no matter what your schedule, you’ll be able to snap an Instagram of London’s most famous intersection! 

How Do I Get to Piccadilly Circus? 


The best way to get to Piccadilly Circus has to be via the Tube. There are stops on the Piccadilly Line as well as Bakerloo, most notably the Piccadilly Circus Station. There is also a train station running through nearby Charing Cross and Victoria Coach Station, which is about 10-15 minutes on foot from the main tourist area. 


The following bus lines run near Piccadilly Circus: 12, 453, 94, 3, 12, 88, 159, N3, N109, and N136.

You can take a cab from just about anywhere in London, though the traffic makes it less efficient than public transit. Driving is absolutely not recommended as parking can be near impossible to find. 

Can You Rent a Locker at Piccadilly Circus Station? 


There aren’t any left luggage lockers at the Piccadilly Circus Station. There are lockers at stations near Piccadilly Circus, such as Charing Cross or Victoria Coach Station, but nothing in the immediate area. 

Visiting Piccadilly Circus might seem like one of those obligatory travel activities that are forced on anyone planning a trip to London. But it’s popular for a reason. Not only is there so much more to the area than the iconic signs and architecture, but the Statue of Eros is legitimately one of the most beautiful monuments in London (and that’s saying something). The restaurants, shopping, and nightlife are also worth exploring when you visit Piccadilly circus, and enjoying the hustle and bustle for a few hours will invigorate you. Just remember to store luggage with Bounce so you can get around Piccadilly Circus easier! 

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