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Marylebone Station Luggage Storage 2024

Luggage storage in Marylebone

Finding luggage storage in the Marylebone Station area doesn't have to be stressful! There are many things to do if you have gotten off the tube at this location, and you probably do not want to have to drag your bags around with you to partake in the activities here. Luggage storage in this part of the city is easier to access than you might think, and you won't have to go to some far-away storage facility to ensure your bags are not underfoot.


There are many storage facility locations near Marylebone Station, so you will have no trouble finding the left luggage storage that you have been looking for. Luggage storage services can be hard to trust, but if you look for places with top-notch insurance, good hours, and friendly service, your trip is bound to be much more convenient and stress-free.


Where can I find luggage storage in Marylebone Station?


There are no left luggage facilities in the station building, so you'll have to store everything outside the station. Stick with us as we review some great luggage storage options near Marylebone station.

How does a luggage storage service work?


If you have ever been stuck lugging heavy bags around a new city or needing to drop off an item before going out after work, it is likely that a luggage storage service would have come in handy. Luggage storage services partner with small businesses like convenience stores or cafe's to create bag drop points.


Most storage services operate via an App or website, making it easy to locate a left luggage option that fits your needs.

The Best Marylebone Station Luggage Storage App?

Marylebone Station has witnessed a remarkable rise in the emergence of luggage storage apps in recent years. These apps provide a convenient means to locate nearby luggage storage facilities, including those near London. They have transformed the way travelers manage their baggage, making it a seamless experience.

Opting to store your luggage with local businesses that collaborate with luggage storage platforms not only ensures the security you need but also supports the livelihood of these local establishments. It's a win-win situation for travelers and the community.





What is the difference between luggage lockers and a luggage storage service in Marylebone Station?


A luggage storage service is going to provide more of a concierge experience when compared to luggage lockers. Not only are lockers typically more expensive, but they are more restrictive when it comes to the size of items they can store.


In addition A luggage locker is rented from a kiosk, usually inside the terminal. This means that things can go wrong with your rental, and the lockers are exposed to the public in ways that are not ideal. Being able to trust that your bags will be secure and kept out of sight of busy areas in the station is one of the biggest benefit of using a luggage storage service.

What Is The Best Marylebone Station Luggage Storage Service?


Our favorite luggage storage service is Bounce. If you are planning a trip and want to secure luggage storage in advance they have an easy to use website where you can book online. If you are on the go you can access their entire luggage storage network through an App where you can easily make a luggage storage booking from your phone.

Here are a few more benefits of working with Bounce for your luggage storage needs near Marylebone Station:

  • Bounce has dozens of luggage storage partners near Marleybone Station, as well as many more across London.

  • Each Booking with Bounce come with a $10,000 Bounce guarantee, so you can leave your bags and know that they’re covered.

  • The Bounce team personally vets each bag storage facility to ensure it is safe and secure.

How much does Bounce’s Marylebone Station luggage storage cost?


The cost to store luggage with Bounce near Marylebone Station is £5 per 24 hours per bag that is placed in storage.



How can I book Marylebone luggage storage with Bounce?


If you are looking for Marylebone station luggage storage locations Bounce has you covered. Download the App now to find a storage spot!




What are the other luggage storage options in Marylebone?


Local Luggage Storage near Marylebone Station

Luggage Storage Central London


Located on Edgeware Rd, this luggage storage company is convenient, but you have to show up in person to book, and the costs are only quoted once you get there.


This hotel chain is also in the luggage storage business. They're close to the intersection of Edgeware Rd and Harrowby St and will store your bags for £5 per bag per day.


Although these options are perfectly serviceable, Bounce offers a convenient online platform to book everything well in advance, shares the lowest price point, and has a generous insurance policy.

Hotel luggage storage/Airbnb luggage storage


Hotel luggage storage is often behind the main desk in a closet. This means that you will have to access it with the help of the front desk staff, but your luggage will be locked away from the public. This is usually only a short-term option for a few hours while your room is being prepared or you're waiting to check out.

Airbnb luggage storage can vary widely depending on the preferences of the person who owns the property. Be sure that you get accurate details about access and whether or not your things will be locked up safely while you are away. And if your hotel or Airbnb doesn't offer this service, Bounce has you covered!

Useful Information about Marylebone Station


This charming part of London is known for being close to Charing Cross and for being one of the original merchant streets in the city. Today you can enjoy access to great shopping here, head to the Sherlock Holmes Museum, or pop over to Madame Tussauds. The Wallace Collection is also in this area, which is a free museum you do not want to miss out on.


This large station is generally clean, well-lit, and close to many of the best things to see in the older part of the city. You are not near concert venues or sports locations, but you can easily pop into a sports bar here after visiting any of the luggage storage spots on this list.

Best restaurants near Marylebone Station


There is a Burger King here if you want a quick meal as soon as you get off the tube. You can also count on The Avocado Show for delightfully fresh and healthy eats. Monocle Cafe delivers excellent coffee and really good food as well.

How do I get to Marylebone Station?


Many tube lines connect to Marylebone Station, and you can head here from the Central, Circle, Jubilee, and Metropolitan Lines. This is a stop that is accessible with ease along some of the major tube routes in the area.

There are trains that cross through here as well, and the Elizabeth, Overground, and Thameslink trains intersect with a stop here.

You can also take the bus to get to this station from many other city neighborhoods. The bus lines will take you to major tube locations along their routes, which is one of the hubs you can stop at.

How early should I arrive at Marylebone Station?


Most of the attractions that you will be able to visit from this station are open at about 8 in the morning. You will want to be sure that you check your ticket time for any event with a set start time, but most places you can enjoy here are either open all day or have specific ticketed times.

As for what time to arrive for your train's departure, aim for 20 to 30 minutes prior to the scheduled time. That way, you

can pick up your luggage and maybe have some time left over to grab a snack.

Can I store my bags inside Marylebone Station?


No, you cannot store your bags inside this station. There are no lockers or other storage options within this actual station. You will need to look to Bounce when storing your luggage for the best prices and a convenient location steps from the station.

Can you rent a locker at Marylebone Station?


No, there are no lockers for rent in Marylebone Station. You will need to check out the great storage companies in this guide for storing luggage while you're in transit.

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