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Covent Garden Luggage Storage 2024

Luggage storage in Covent Garden

While there are all the most famous luxury designer stores and boutiques throughout London, Covent Garden is the go-to shopping destination for visitors and locals. Every year, millions of shoppers flock to its shop-lined streets, markets, and squares to buy everything from fresh produce to designer goods. This district has thousands of stores, markets, restaurants, event spaces, bars, and even museums. In terms of being a “one-stop shop,” it simply does not get much better than Covent Garden. 

With so much to do, you won’t want to be lugging your bags around Covent Garden. If you’re planning an afternoon shopping while you’re on your way in or out of London, you’ll need somewhere to safely store luggage so you can shop, dine, drink, and explore. Luckily, there is no shortage of luggage storage services, called a left luggage service around Covent Garden. Here’s our guide:

Where can I find luggage storage near Covent Garden? 


There are only a few left luggage service companies operating on the outskirts of Covent Garden. But, the best way to find storage locations near Covent Garden is through a luggage storage platform.

How Does Luggage Storage Work? 


Whether via locker or as a service, luggage storage is vital to traveling throughout cities like London. Whether you need a place to drop your bags off on a travel day or have a full day of sightseeing and need bag storage on the go, it’s crucial. In the UK, these services are also referred to as “left luggage.” There are plenty of options for storage facilities in London, and luckily finding the right one is simple. 

What is the difference between luggage lockers and a luggage storage service?


With luggage storage lockers, there is a set place in a train station or other building where customers can rent a locker for a set period of time and access the locker with either a key or code. There may or may not be an employee attending these lockers.


When you need excess baggage storage, a storage service is ideal. They can accommodate larger bags than a typical locker and have someone there to help you with pick up and drop off. These services can either be luggage storage businesses or other small companies and stores that offer luggage storage on the side. 

What Is The Best Covent Garden Luggage Storage App?


With lots of conveniently-located luggage storage spots near Covent Square, Bounce is easily the best app for finding a palace to store your bags. Not only are these locations perfect for traversing the neighborhood, but they are also often located near Tube stations like Leicester Square train station and others. The app is user-friendly and gives you a clear map so you can easily find your luggage storage booking location.

Here are a few more ways why Bounce is better than the rest:

  • There are convenient locations all over London near Covent Garden and other attractions like London Bridge, Victoria Coach Station, and beyond.

  • Bounce offers a $10,000 guarantee, so you know your luggage will be kept safe.

  • You can book online or by using the app, so you don't have to wander all over the place to find a facility to store luggage.​











How Much Does Bounce's Covent Garden Luggage Storage cost?


To store bags at a Bounce luggage storage facility, it costs £5.00 for a 24-hour rental per bag. Storing luggage with a service is never free, but this is as good of a price as you'll find! Especially with locations so close to Covent Garden London Underground stations. And the price isn't the only reason it's the best luggage storage option in the Covent Garden area!

How can I book Covent Garden luggage storage with Bounce?

What are the other luggage storage options near Covent Garden?


While Covent Garden is home to dozens, if not hundreds, of small businesses, there aren’t any local companies offering luggage storage services. However, Bounce has partnered with a number of local businesses and shops near Covent Garden. 

Hotel and Airbnb Luggage Storage near Covent Garden 


There are dozens of hotels near Covent Garden, and most of these will have a complimentary luggage storage service if you are a guest for pre or post-checkout. In terms of Airbnb luggage storage, it’s best to check directly with the host to see what options they might have. If you're on the go, it's easy to find the best luggage storage Covent Garden has to offer with a service like Bounce!

Useful Information About Covent Garden


London's West End premier shopping district, this bustling destination is a go-to for locals and travelers. With every kind of store, restaurant, bar, and event space, there’s something for literally everyone here. Stop by the local fruit and vegetable market or find a bench or cafe and sit back to watch the local street performers.


The best place to start your tour of the area is the Covent Garden Piazza. This pedestrianized cobblestone square hosts lots of craft markets and events to keep you entertained. It's the perfect introduction to this bustling neighborhood.

Where Can I Find Restaurants Near Covent Garden?


While there are food markets all over the Covent Garden area, along with international chains that will be familiar, there are a few highlights for grabbing an unforgettable meal near Covent Garden. Clos Maggiore serves up outstanding French food at reasonable prices at its leafy and fashionable café. It’s a great place to treat yourself at the end of a shopping spree. 

For an upscale experience, Oystermen Seafood Bar & Kitchen makes for an ideal setting for a romantic evening; just remember to make a reservation. For British food featuring the finest local ingredients and flavors, try the Petersham for a pint and some tasty lamb or meat pie. 

Top Activities Near the Covent Garden Area


At Covent Garden, shopping is the name of the game. With boutiques, upscale designer brands, children's stores, and everything in between, Covent Garden gas you covered. Even if you’re not looking to buy anything, the historic architecture and beautiful scenery are lovely to enjoy while walking around. Neal Street and Neal’s Yard are the best spots to wander around. 

Nearby, the Royal Opera House is a wonderful place to see an iconic West End show. In fact, the area boasts over a dozen theatres. And if you want a bit of history, visit the London Transport Museum.

How Do I Get to Covent Garden? 


Located on the Piccadilly Line, the best way to get here is via the Covent Garden tube station, which is a short walk to the Market Building and most of the attractions. It might be easier to get off at Leicester Square when it's busy, as it’s an easy and scenic walk. 

The Holborn stop is a ten-minute walk to Covent Garden on the Central Line. The Bakerloo and Northern Line have the Embankment stop, which is just over a ten-minute walk to the shops and markets. Charing Cross Station is also less than a 20-minute walk through the heart of London.

As for the bus, you can hop on the Charing Cross, Trafalgar Square, and Leicester Square buses.

Can I Store Luggage Inside Covent Garden? 


Because Covent Garden is a neighborhood rather than a transit facility or landmark, there is no set place to leave your bags. Left luggage services are the ideal form of storage in Covent Garden.

Can You Rent a Locker at Covent Garden? 


There aren’t any locker rental services in Covent Garden, making an app like Bounce your best option. 

With so much to do and see in Covent Garden, it makes absolutely no sense to lug your bags around. Luckily, there are plenty of convenient luggage storage options in the area. Whether you’re doing some last-minute shopping before flying out or need a place to store work things while you explore, you can find a trusty Bounce luggage storage location to help you out!

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