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National gallery luggage storage 2024

Luggage storage in National gallery

There are thousands (not hundreds) of ways to spend an afternoon in London. There is so much to do, whether it’s touring Buckingham Palace, taking in a football (don’t ever say “soccer”) match, or going on a historic pub crawl. One of the most underrated activities has to be visiting The National Gallery of Art. This is one of the world’s epicenters for fine art, and it’s conveniently located in Trafalgar Square. It might not have the luster of the Tower of London or Big Ben, but it’s beyond worth a few hours to visit and explore its legendary halls, sculpture garden, and incredible exhibits. 

With so many iconic sightseeing destinations in central London, it can be difficult to plan your trip and figure out where to spend your finite time in town. Luckily there are tools and services that can help you efficiently see everything you’d like to cram into a few days in Britain’s capital. One of these is luggage storage in London because you won’t want to lug your bags around the city when you’re trying to enjoy their extensive collection of priceless fine art and visit Buckingham Palace on the same day. 

Here is our guide for National Gallery luggage storage:

Where can I find luggage storage near The National Gallery of Art? 


The National Gallery of Art has cloakrooms near the Sainsbury Wing entrance where you can check bags for £2 each. But, there are limitations to this. Bags larger than 56 x 25 x 45 cm are not accepted. Additionally, these storage options fill up fast, so you may not get a spot.


The best and most convenient luggage storage locations for visiting The National Gallery are all offered by Bounce. Using the mobile app and website for booking left luggage storage with Bounce is as simple as it gets! You'll want to search for the locations at Charing Cross, just steps away from the gallery.


How Does Luggage Storage Work? 


Travelers use luggage storage tools, whether via locker or as a service, to make their trips more convenient. Generally, these travelers will find themselves moving throughout a city before or after flights and will need a place to securely store bags while on the go. These services and lockers are often referred to as “left luggage” in London and the UK. 

What is the difference between luggage lockers and a luggage storage service?


For using left luggage storage lockers, there is a set place in a transit station (especially a London underground station) or other building where customers can rent a locker for a set period of time and access the locker with either a key or code. There usually isn’t an employee attending to these lockers, but there is with a luggage service. Generally, the service facility has an employee that will be responsible for taking the bags and ensuring they are secure for a period of time (generally on an hourly basis, where prices start at £5). These services can either be a luggage storage business or a small store that partners with a network like Bounce and store luggage on the side. 


What Is The Best National Gallery Luggage Storage App?


When you need a luggage storage app that covers the National Gallery and the rest of London, Bounce is your best choice. The app is super easy to use and will have your bags stored in no time. Book everything online by finding the nearest luggage storage, and then use the convenient in-app map to find the luggage drop spot. Other than these great app features, here are even more reasons to use Bounce:

  • With over a dozen conveniently-located luggage storage spots within minutes of The National Gallery of Art, Bounce is easily the best app for finding a palace to store your bags for an afternoon. Not only are these locations perfect for exploring the Trafalgar Square neighborhood, but they are also often located near the Tube stations that you’ll use to get to The National Gallery of Art. It's always best to find a place to store luggage near a transit stop so you won't have to carry it far.

  • Bounce offers protection of up to $10,000 if anything is lost or stolen while in their care. This peace of mind allows you to more fully enjoy your visit to the gallery and the rest of your vacation.

  • Booking online using the app or website guarantees your spot, so you don't have to worry about showing up and being disappointed.








Where can I find the nearest National Gallery luggage storage locations?

How can I book The National Gallery luggage storage with Bounce?






How Much Does Bounce’s National Gallery luggage storage cost? 


The Bounce luggage storage locations near the National Gallery generally cost between £5.00 and £15.00 for a 24-hour flat fee rental per bag, which is reasonable considering Trafalgar Square's bustling! It's so easy to book online as well!


What are the other luggage storage locations near The National Gallery of Art?


While Trafalgar Square is located near dozens, if not hundreds, of small businesses, there aren’t any local companies specifically offering luggage storage services. However, Bounce partners with a number of local businesses and shops near Covent Garden to offer left luggage storage service.


With all the choices Bounce offers, there's really no reason to need another type of luggage storage. From airports to Tate Modern to the Space Museum and London Train Stations, Bounce has you covered. Plus, their insurance, excellent service, and affordable rates make Bounce a no-brainer.


Hotel and Airbnb Luggage Storage near The National Gallery of Art


There are dozens of hotels (including the JW Marriott) near The National Gallery, and you can check with the concierge to find out about their bag policy. This is convenient if you’re staying nearby. If your accommodations are elsewhere in London, it will be more convenient to arrange left luggage storage closer to the National Gallery. 


The same goes for Airbnb - some hosts will offer luggage storage options before check-in or after check-out. Always consult the listing or check with the host to be sure.


If you hotel or Airbnb isn't a convenient place to store luggage or your accommodation doesn't offer this service, remember that you can always turn to Bounce!


Useful Information About The National Gallery of Art


On weekends and summers, the National Gallery is one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of London, so it’s best to reserve admission and plan your trip ahead of time.


The National Gallery's exhibits range from large-scale exhibitions featuring major artists to smaller showings featuring lesser-known but nonetheless remarkable artwork. Its permanent collections are organized chronologically, allowing visitors to trace the development of art throughout history. The museum also has a dedicated education centre, which provides lectures and classes for adults and children alike.


Where Can I Find Restaurants Near The National Gallery of Art?


Located within The National Gallery of Art, Ochre is much more than your standard food court option. This is a fantastic option for grabbing an elevated lunch and even better for sampling British cuisine with a modern flare. It’s your best bet if you want something quick so you can spend your time appreciating the National Gallery’s collections. For something even quicker, check out Muriel’s Kitchen, which is a self-serve counter. 


If you want a “fancy but not too fancy” meal before or after visiting the National Gallery, try Bancone. This upscale Italian spot is a popular place to grab a plate of pasta or a seasonal dish before visiting the National Gallery. Reservations are recommended. Also, there's more than one Bounce luggage storage facility very close to this spot, so it’s easy to drop the bags off before grabbing a bite. 


How Do I Get to The National Gallery of Art? 


The National Gallery is surrounded by London Underground stations and is extremely easy to get to via public transportation. Trafalgar Square (and the National Gallery) can be accessed by Charing Cross train station on the Bakerloo Underground line. The Embankment Stop or Paddington Station on the District and Circle line are also excellent options. If you're heading to the National Gallery of Art from London Airports, you'll get off the train at Charing Cross Station and will be within walking distance from the Gallery as well as a few storage points. Victoria Station is also a convenient alternative, being only a few minutes away.


Can I Store My Bags inside the National Gallery of Art? 


For public safety reasons, The National Gallery of Art does not permit visitors to bring larger bags and oversized items (including a suitcase or backpack) into the museum. But, yes, you can store your reasonably-sized items in their cloakrooms. Although, do keep in mind that storage space can be limited if the gallery is busy.

If you are traveling with large suitcases or bulky items, it's best to seek luggage storage options outside the gallery with a company like Bounce.


Can You Rent Storage Lockers at The National Gallery of Art?


No, there are no self-service lockers at the National Gallery, so you'll have to head to one of the nearby train stations if you prefer to have a locker to store everything.


The National Gallery of Art is a can’t-miss destination for fine art enthusiasts and history buffs. While the museum’s security and visitor policies won’t allow travelers to bring in larger bags, there are plenty of bag storage options in the Trafalgar Square area. So drop the bags off at a convenient luggage storage point before heading over to the National Gallery of Art and enjoying one of the finest collections of art in the world!

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